Community Associations
These workshops are designed to bring people together to share ideas and
experiences while developing life enhancing skills and building a sense of community.
Participants will broaden their horticultural horizons and ecological awareness through  
a series of hands-on workshops focusing on both indoor and outdoor garden activities.
Customized to the interests and abilities of the group, these workshops can be
presented on an as needed basis or as in the formation of a Community Garden Club
which meets regularly throughout the year. This Special Service includes gardening
assistance with planning, preparing and maintaining Beautification Projects
throughout the community.
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The Elders Garden
Often, our Elders have devoted a lifetime to tending and caring for gardens both inside
and outside of the home. Although the desire and the passion are still present, there
comes a time when the physical ability is limited. In the Elders Garden, participants will
get the assistance they need to obtain the gardens they desire. Workshops are
presented throughout the year and include a variety of presentations including slide
shows, lectures and nature appreciation topics of interest.
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Beautification Projects & Consultations
This Special Service includes any or all phase planning aspects of your beautification
project ~ Consultation ~ Site Preparation ~ Plant Selection & Garden Assistance ~
This Special Service is recommended for:
Community Associations ~ Schools & Scouts ~ Individuals ~ Businesses
Garden Clubs & Special Interest Groups.
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Home & Garden Parties
This Special Service is completely customized to help you celebrate any occasion!
Some themes may include but is not limited to:
  • Festive Celebrations & Garden Parties
Complete with party favors, herbal fare & decorations from nature
  • Children's Birthday Parties
Complete with a fun workshop and a 'create your own'  party favor
  • 'Girls Night In' or 'Ladies Day Out'
Whether it's in the house or out in the yard, Group your friends together for a fun &
informative customized workshop on any topic you choose from the
Earth Friendly Gardening ~ Herbal Crafting & Kid Stuff links on this site.
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Special Events & Fund Raising
This Special Service is for Organizations including Schools, Scouts,
Garden Clubs & Environmental Groups who are organizing or need assistance
organizing any aspect of the Special Event process.
Services include:
  • Consultations on planning, organizing and obtaining resources.
  • Ongoing presentations throughout the duration of the event
On topics such as:
Earth Friendly Gardening ~ Herbal Crafting & Nature Appreciation.
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~ All workshops on this site may be customized to Youths or Adults ~