School ~ Scout & Home School Programs
Designed to compliment the Science Curriculum of all grade levels.  
Customized to fit the learning needs and physical ability of the group.

Environmental/Botany Club Presentations ~ Scout Badges
The Outdoor Learning Garden ~ Special Grade Level Presentations  
School Beautification Projects ~ Fund Raising & Special Events

The Learning Garden
Imagine a Garden created and cared for by the children.
The Children's Garden will provide years of learning experience
& nature appreciation. A place to breathe fresh air
and awaken the senses to the world of nature.

Select grade levels can contribute their own expertise.
This hands-on learning process will create a sense of accomplishment & pride.
The Garden will be comprised of a variety of native plants, natural
and recycled materials. These plants will offer a diversity of interest in
bloom time, textures, colors, fragrances and wildlife value.
They will also provide useful craft materials and become
a valuable resource for history and lore. Children will also create ongoing craft
projects such as: stepping stones, plant markers, signs & more!
Gardens may even become certified habitats by the National Wildlife Federation!
Classroom experiments & activities in Seed Starting & Plant Behavior
are also available as well as ecological lesson plans from
Project Food ~ Land ~ People

~ Special Services Also Available ~
Group Leader ~ Home School & Teacher Workshops for All Programs
Lesson Plans & Resources included
Fund Raising ~ Native Plant & Bulb Sales
Environmental Special Events Planning & Coordinating

Scout Groups
Scouts can earn many different badges implementing these programs.
Choose the theme you are interested in and a custom program
will be designed to fulfill the requirements needed to obtain the badge.

Brownies & Cubs Welcome!
Special Presentations for Pack Meetings also available

About Native Plants
Native Plants are
beneficial to the
By choosing the right
plant for your specific
growing conditions,
Native Plants require  
little or no
supplemental water,
fertilization and
maintenance once
they are established.  
Using compost as
fertilizer not only
benefits the plants and
soil structure, but will
introduce to the
children, another
aspect of learning.
Native Plants create
bio~diversity in the
ecosystem and are  
beneficial to the local
fauna & pollinators as
an important source of
food, shelter, and
habitat to reproduce.

Ready ~ Set ~ Grow!
Behold the wonder of the seed!
What are they? Where do they come from? How do they grow?
Children will have the opportunity to discover for themselves,
the answer to these questions & more!
Some seeds have been passed down from generation to generation.
These are called Heirloom Seeds. We will pant these seeds to take home
and learn how to care for them.
We will also learn how to collect seeds and store seeds for planting & sharing.

Children are like sweet
young sprouts!
They need tender
loving care, fresh air,
sunshine & water.
Set them gently
out into the garden &
watch them grow!

It may seem as though
the lives of children
today, are filled with
video games,
computers & cell
phones ~ but given the
opportunity to stroll
about in Nature, their
attention quickly turns
to awe & amazement!

It is especially
important ~ now more
than ever, that we as
parents, guardians &
teachers, continue to
expose our children to
the wonders of Nature
whose precious gifts
are what sustains us.

I meant to do my work today but a brown bird sang in the apple tree
And a butterfly flitted across the field, and all the leaves were calling me!
The wind went sighing over the land, tossing the grasses to and fro
And a rainbow held out it's shining hand, so what could I do but laugh and go?
Richard Le Gallienne

~ Wiggly Worms & Other Wonders ~
Worms are Nature's Recyclers. They have a very important job in the ecosystem.
We will get up close and personal with real live worms and learn how they work
their magic underground. We will also examine examples of the decomposition
process in action and discuss what other animals assist on Nature's recycling team.
Optional: create a Vermi~Composting Bin.
Worms will eat your garbage and provide you with fabulous fertilizer in return!!

~ Backyard Birding ~
Discover which birds are nesting in your trees and singing outside your window!
Which ones arrive in the Spring or stay all winter? How do they adapt?
We can be bird watchers all year round, if we create an inviting habitat
that provides food, water, shelter and a place to raise their young.
Also included: choosing the proper bird seed, caring for feeders & baths,  
Native Plants for year round food & shelter and of course ~ creating a bird feeder
out of recycled materials. If we are outside ~ Bring your binoculars!!

~ Take a Walk on the Wild Side ~
Lions and Tigers and Bears ~ OH NO!!
We're talking squirrels, chipmunks, bats, turtles, toads & more!
We will discover the life styles and adaption of our animal neighbors
and learn what we can do to maintain healthy, safe,
diverse habitats for these little creatures of the wild.
If we are outside we will take a nature hike to look for some of their homes

~ Buggin' Out ~
Good Bug ~ Bad Bug? How can we tell?  Are bugs really bugs?
There are 'bugs' that are considered pests like fleas, mosquitoes and ticks,
and then there are bugs that
eat pests like fleas, mosquitoes & ticks!!
We will identify some of our most common Insects & learn about their life
cycles & adaptations. We will also discuss how to protect ourselves from the
ones that are pests!

~ To schedule a customized workshop, inquires on program cost and other information ~
Please Contact Us

All workshops offered on this entire site may be customized for Youth or Adults
* Please note ~ Individuals may gather their own group for private instruction
at home or other meeting place in the
NC Triangle Area   Special Services

Stepping Out Into the Garden
When creating a garden it is also nice to have some homemade crafts
to add as decoration! Using a variety of natural and recycled materials, we will
design a unique stepping stone to set out in the garden in a place of honor!
Bring some trinkets to add if you like ~ and prepare to get messy!!

On Site Activities
This workshop is for groups that would like to create a garden during our workshop.
Choose from:
  • Building a Bean Tee Pee
  • Building a Sun Flower House
  • Creating a Three Sisters Garden
  • Container Gardening
  • Garden Restoration & Rejuvenation
Plants and/or Seeds, Assistance & Garden Care instructions are included.
Bring your shovels & garden gloves!

In Honor of Trees
How tall is the tallest tree? How old is the oldest tree?
Trees are the largest members of the Green Nation.
In this workshop we will discover the many gifts the trees have provided for us.
We'll learn how they live & grow and how to identify some of the Natives.
This workshop may include a Nature Hike ~ venue permitting.
Optional Tree Crafts:
Maple Syrup Lemonade
Pine Cone Crafting
Acorn Good Luck Charm
Leaf Mobile
More available depending on the season and size of group

Faerie~Land Tea Party
Join us for a Faerie Tale and discover what Magickal Plants you can use to
make these Nature Spirits feel right at home in your garden!
Oh, and let's not forget the Pixie Dust!
We will play Faerie Music, sip Faerie Punch and nibble on Faerie Fare!
Bring your Faerie Wings!!

This program can become a ~ Bring Home a Faerie Garden ~ Workshop!
Includes small planter with soil, Faerie plants & pixie dust...Move in ready!

Please check back often to view other available workshops as they post!

~ Earth Day ~
April 22, 201

Don't forget to plan your
Earth Day
Celebration Event!

Children are
The Future Stewards!!!

The Children's Herb Garden
Kids take great pride in participating in family project activities. With this workshop
they will learn how to plant & maintain a Children's Herb Garden the Earth Friendly
way! The intention of this garden would be for kids to discover the abundance of
gifts we receive from plants and how to help harvest & prepare these gifts for use
in food, medicine, natural body care & celebration. They will also gain the
satisfaction of knowing that they have created an inviting habitat for beneficial
insects which help to pollinate our food crops and keep pest bugs in natural
balance. A variety of safe, gentle & effective herbs will be discussed.
This workshop can be for a community group or individual family unit.