Delving Deeper
Intensive  Herbal Crafting & Gardening Workshop Series

Any workshop listed on this website may be transformed
into a Workshop Series.

Specific topics within a workshop can also become
the sole focus of a program.

By doing so, participants will gain a greater understanding  
of the materials covered and be rewarded with a deeper  
relationship & connection to the Plants.

Hosting Venues may want to choose Workshop Series
as a way to invite patrons to their establishment while
creating a repeat customer base.

Series Workshops
An incomplete list of workshop suggestions

  • Introduction to Herbalism
  • Growing, Harvesting & Preserving Herbs
  • Herbs for Children ~ Babies & Teens
  • Herbal Pet Care
  • Cooking with Herbs
  • Herbs for The Reproductive System
(PMS ~ Menopause ~ Pregnancy)
  • Herbs for the Nervous System
  • Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit
  • Herbs & The Respiratory System
  • Herbs for the Urinary System
  • Natural Body Care
  • Herbs for Celebration & Ritual
  • Herbs for the Digestive System
  • Herbs for the Immune System
  • Herbal Crafts & Decorating with Nature
  • Any On-Site Gardening Workshop
  • The Children's Herb Garden

Please note that this is only a partial list of
Series Workshop suggestions.
Email the Grateful Gardener to ask questions
or discuss other topics of interest
Intensive Studies & Series Programs

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