Calendula officinalis
One of best for
skin ailments &
Gastrointestinal disorders
Garden Violet  
viola odorata
Soothes & Calms
Echinacea purpurea
3 Bumble Bees sipping nectar
& working their magick!
Garden Friends ~ Angelica & Valerian
The beautiful, large umbel flowers of Angelica
& the sweet vanilla fragrance of Valerian
make their presence known to passersby!
Mentha species
Potent medicine
for head & stomach aches.
Also makes a tasty Sun Tea!
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Wondrous Weeds & Seasonal Wildflowers
Spring ~ Summer ~ Fall
Stop trying to eradicate the 'weeds' in your lawn and start growing them & using them in the honor they
deserve!! Participants will discover some of the many secrets being held by the plants growing right
outside the door! Topics include: historical background on the culinary, medicinal, magickal, decorative &
natural body care uses of these Wondrous Weeds'.
The Tea Garden
Whats better than sitting out in the garden sipping a warm mug of Herb Tea? Maybe sipping a frosty glass
of refreshing, tasty homemade Sun Tea? Either way, participants will learn the healthful values of Herbs &
Edible Flowers from the garden and create a variety of healthful teas.
Topics include: Natural sweeteners, growing tips, harvesting, preserving, packaging, storing & preparing.
This workshop will also cover how to obtain quality herbs form reputable resources if you do not grow them
yourself. Bring in a special mug or cup for tea tasting!
Herbal Infused Oils
Herbs have different healthful & healing properties and so do the Oils you put them in!
Participants will have an in-depth look into these properties and learn to make a variety of personalized
infused oils from a fresh herbal harvest. Topics include: harvesting & preserving herbs for infusing oils,
basic salve making recipes and how to choose the right herbs & oils for specific skin types.
Natural Body Care
Participants will discover how to create personalized skin care products crafted with safe,
natural ingredients. Topics include: The Healing & Nourishing properties of specific herbs.

Natural Body Care Workshops may be offered as an in-depth weekly or monthly series.
Workshops can also be strictly demonstrative or offered as a hands-on take home workshop.
Prices will vary according to this structure and also for time allotment and type of product/s  

Great idea for a 'Girls Night In' or Birthday Party! Tweens, & Teens love this one too!
Choose from a variety of products including but not limited to:
Facial cleansers, scrubs, masks, toners & astringents, moisturizers, lip balms & salves,
Bath salts & herbal bath blends, body powders, sugar scrubs, fragrant massage oils & fragrances.
Creative packaging & gift ideas, recipes & resources included.
Herbs for Hearth & Home
Tired of using harsh, toxic chemicals to 'clean' your home? Tired of paying high prices for the
environmentally sensitive cleaners found in the stores? Preparing your own Healthy Home Cleaners is
easy and fun!! It's also cost effective and much safer for people animals & the earth.
Resources & Recipes for a variety of products are included for you to try at home.

Herbs for Winter Health I ~ Crafting Healthful Teas
Gain self empowerment & fulfillment by creating your own Herbal Remedies infused with good intention!
Participants will learn to prepare Healthful Teas that will help boost the immune system and relieve
the severity and duration of winter illness. Recipes, wise woman tips, techniques & resource list.
Herbs for Winter Health II ~ Herbal Elixirs & Throat Remedies
In this workshop, we will focus on Herbal Allies that lend their magical healing & restorative properties.
Great alternative remedies to conventional cold medicines and cough drops. Topics include:
medicinal & nutritive herbal allies, throat sprays & gargles, cost saving recipes,
wise woman tips, techniques & resource list.
Herbs for Winter Health III  ~ Herbs in the Kitchen
The discovery continues as we learn to incorporate a variety of healthful winter herbs into our recipes.
As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
Topics include: Culinary Herbal Allies for use in various easy recipes, tips, techniques & resources.
An Herbal Harvest
So there's lots of herbs to harvest from your garden but what to do with them all?
This workshop offers many fast, easy suggestions for harvesting, preserving and crafting with
garden's herbal bounty! Topics include: tips for a tea party, herbal vinegars, butters and cheese
spreads, Seasoning blends, Sun Tea and more! You can also use organic herbs from the store
if you don't grow your own! Herbal refreshments served, recipes included.

Decorating with Nature ~ Crafting a Harvest Centerpiece
Mother Nature offers many gifts for us to harvest and use to decorate our homes during each and
every season! In this workshop we will craft our own unique holiday centerpiece using pumpkins,
colorful blooms and seasonal foliage to take home and enjoy!
Tips on Roasting pumpkin seeds with samples to try and herbal refreshments will be served!

                                                Proudly adorn your Thanksgiving table with the beauty of this
celebratory harvest creation!
Workshop includes a variety of floral & herbal materials for the centerpiece                                          
               and information on using pumpkins for cooking and roasting their seeds.                              
                             Recipe samples will be available as well as hot herbal
beverages to sip while
we relax and create!
Crafting an Herbal Sachet
Sleep Sachets or Herb pillows are used by people for a variety of conditions. It may be to induce
sleep or enhance visionary dreams or it may be to soothe achy muscles and joints.
Whatever the condition, there's an Herb waiting to assist you!
Participants will choose a proper Herbal Ally and special fabric to create an herbal sachet or sleep
pillow to take home and use. Bring your good intentions and a tea cup for herbal refreshments!
Using a variety of natural materials and essential oils, we will create a custom blend
of perfect potpourri! Topics include: recipes, resources, storage and display ideas and all the
materials included. We will also discuss how to ethically wild craft your own Potpourri ingredients.
Crafting & Using Incense & Smudges
Learn some of the history and lore behind this ancient art, the Magickal intention of the ingredients
and then create some special blends of your own to take home and enjoy!
Wheel of the Year ~ Celebratory Crafts
Herald in the Holidays!
Participants will have fun making easy homemade crafts infused with love & good intention.
Crafts vary depending on where the wheel is spinning.  All workshops include:
Materials for crafts, resources and creative ideas for celebratory activities & recipes.
Evergreen Centerpiece
Time to relax & de~stress! Inhale the fragrance of Mighty Evergreen!
Participants will create a unique holiday centerpiece crafted with a variety of Evergreens,
Natural materials & seasonal decor. We will discuss the lore of the Evergreen Nation,
Listen to relaxing music and sip hot herbal tea!
Lunar Celebrations
Empower yourself with a Full Moon or New Moon Herbal Celebration!
Craft a Moon Emotion Bag, a Spell Bottle & more! Also included are ideas on how to treat
yourself at home to a luxurious, healing Moon Bath and create Sacred Moon Water.
Topics include other celebratory ritual ideas and a Moon Phase Calender.
Seasonal Craft ~ Harvest Necklace
Give Thanks for the abundance of Natures Gifts with this symbolic necklace made from Autumn
harvest materials
~ The Ancient Art of Herbal Crafting ~
Humanity has relied upon and given thanks to the Green Nation since the dawn of time.
We share our every breath with the plants,
a symbiotic relationship deeply rooted in time.
Herbal Crafting comes in many forms. Our ancestors knew this and have inscribed it in our DNA ~ Our Intuition.
Their homes were sacred healing places and The Art was passed down through the generations.
They used local, natural resources to assist them in the Crafting of medicine, nutritious foods, body care, shelter & fuel.
Celebration, decoration & ritual were also among other
daily activities in which herbs & sacred plants were used.
Our Elders harvested and replenished  with reverence and thoughtfulness to Mother Earth.
After all, ' We do not 'bite the hand that feeds us'! These workshops are in Honor of this Ancient Art.

Let us share our positive intentions and once again, know the simple joys of life, share the wisdom of our ancestors,
and a deeper understanding of the natural world.  The vision is clear, the possibilities are endless. Let the Celebration begin!!
Garden Harvesting & Ethical WildCrafting
This workshop covers the proper time and techniques to harvest herbs and other natural renewable
resources. The roots, leaves, flowers & seeds of plants have their own special time for harvest.
There are also times when harvesting is not an option! Topics include: Tools, intentions, procedures
and techniques to preserving & storing your seeds, herbs & other collected treasures!
To schedule a customized workshop ~ for pricing information And any other Inquires: Please Contact Us
All workshops on this site may be customized for Youth & Adults
* Please note ~ Individuals may gather their own group for private instruction
at home or other meeting place in the NC Triangle Area.   
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Chakra Herbs & Tonics
Plants may assist in balancing, relaxing & energizing our aura and chakras. Their unique gifts
offer support through our life's journey, our personal growth and our connection to the wonders
of Nature. This program is a series of 7 workshops held weekly or monthly. Topics include;
Chakra focus & energy, vibrational qualities of plants, recipes for teas & tonics that enhance chakra
energy & meditative exercises to build a healthy bridge from our physical bodies to the outside world.  

Herbs for Children's Health
Children respond very well to the healing powers and the nutritional gifts of Herbs.
In this workshop, we will discover the gentle, yet helpful properties of a variety of herbs
specifically for children, including those which are easy to grow or purchase.
We will discover how to transform them into tasty,
safe and effective medicines and nutritional supplements that can be used by the entire family!
This workshop could be customized for an
Intensive Series of workshops or an overview in a single
presentation. It can also be strictly demonstrative or a hands-on take home workshop.