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The Rule of No Realm is Yours
But All Worthy Things That Are in Peril as the World Now Stands,
Those are in Your Care.
And for Your Part, You Shall Not Wholly Fail in Your Task,
If Anything Passes through This Night
That Can Still Grow Fair, Bear Fruit & Flower in the Days to Come.
For You too are a Steward.
Did You Not Know?
~ Tolkien ~
Seed to Soil ~ Starting Seeds Indoors
Seeds are living, breathing, sleeping embryos.
By encouraging optimal growing conditions, we can wake them from their dormancy!
Participants will explore ways to extend their growing season, increase plant diversity,
decrease plant costs & discover the magic of watching seeds grow!
Topics include: seed saving, resources and the tools & techniques for starting seeds indoors.
Earth Friendly Gardening I
Participants will discover ways to grow great soil that is fertile and sustainable.
Topics also include: useful tools & resources, plant selection, irrigation & fertilization,
planning, preparing & planting the garden site, pest management & more!
Earth Friendly Gardening II  
Advanced techniques to obtain and maintain a sustainable ecosystem in your garden.
Topics include: Permaculture theory, recycling resources, xeriscaping,
Extending the growing season, polyculture, intercropping & rotation,
Bio~intensive techniques, outdoor seed starting, resources & useful tools.
Wondrous Weeds & Wildflowers
Stop trying to eradicate the 'weeds' in your lawn & garden
and use them with the honor they deserve! Discover some of the many secrets being held by
these wildflowers growing right outside the door. Topics include:
Historical background on culinary, medicinal, nutritional & natural body care uses.
Earth Friendly Herb & Vegetable Gardening
Tired of eating food that has been treated with harmful chemicals? Tired of paying high prices for
organic produce at the store? Discover how to grow a fresh variety of healthy food in your own
back yard using Earth & People friendly methods.
Topics also include: Plant selection, planting timetable, resources for heirloom seeds,
garden planning & Earth Friendly care.
Gardening for Wildlife / Conserving Our Native Plant Heritage
Discover how Native Plants and Earth Friendly Garden Maintenance helps to create a diverse,
sustainable ecosystem that attracts beneficial birds, pollinating insects and other wildlife.
Topics include: plant selection, backyard bird feeding, butterfly & hummingbird gardens,
creating a garden sanctuary, easy homemade crafts & useful resources.
Black Gold ~ Sensational Soil
A more in depth look at composting and growing great soil from the ground up!!
Learn how to create and maintain a great compost pile & use cover crops,
Green manures & mulches for soil building and erosion control.
Topics also include: plans for different homemade bins,
Vermi~composting (composting with worms) & Nitrogen/Carbon amendments.
Container Gardening
Participants will learn how to choose the best containers & soil mixes to grow their plants.
Topics also include: theme containers, companion planting, blending custom soil mixes, irrigation
& natural fertilization, ideas on recycling, and of course, Earth Friendly care & management.
Theme Gardens
Choose a theme to be the topic of our discussion: The Children's Herb Garden
Herbs & Edible Flowers ~ The Heirloom Garden ~ The Crafting Garden ~ Planting Trees & Shrubs
The Tea Garden ~ The Butterfly & Humming Bird Garden ~ Earth Friendly Lawn Care
The Autumn Garden ~ Topics include: Native & heirloom plant selection ~ historical lore & uses
Earth Friendly care & management.
The Moon Garden
Learn the gardening basics of Planting by the Power of the Moon.
Topics include: Plant selection & planning for a Luminous Moon Garden,
Phase Planting, & Lunar celebration activities & crafts.
In Honor of Trees ~ The Evergreen Garden
Learn the History & Lore of some of the Green Nation Elders.
Topics include: Native Trees ~
Planting ~ Pruning ~ Earth Friendly Care
Historical & Celebratory Crafting uses.
For Seniors ~ The Elders Garden
Senior residents who love to garden will appreciate some gardening assistance
with planting and tending their community gardens. Assistance includes garden cleanup, site
preparation, planting, natural fertilizing, irrigation, plant selection and outdoor instruction.
Workshops may be scheduled weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or on an as needed basis.
Good Eats from the Garden
Too many tomatoes? Too much zucchini? This workshop will offer some simple
and delicious recipes that will help you to use and share your garden's bounty!
Topics also include nutritional benefits of our fresh harvest, tasty samples, recipes,
tips & techniques for growing & harvesting our goodies!