The Frog Does Not Drink Up the Pond In Which It Lives

My name is Paula Bivona ~ ‘The Grateful Gardener
I am a graduate of the
Cornell Master Gardener & Greenhouse Specialist Programs.

Certified as a Herbal Information Specialist
By the American Botanical Council & Herbalist Programs with
Susun Weed ~ the Voice of the Wise Woman Tradition &
Rosemary Gladstar ~ Founder of Sage Mountain and United Plant Savers.
I consider myself a Life Student in the Art of Herbalism.

As an Instructor at The Pocono Environmental Education Center,
I have lead interpretive hikes for schools and families,
Teaching about the local flora & fauna
and the importance of Ecological Awareness.
I am also a Certified Facilitator of Project Food, Land, and People
by the PA Dept of Education & the Office of Environment & Ecology.

Currently and for the past 15 years, I have been the Program Director
of Benner's Farm Summer Camp and an Instructor of school field trips'
Benner's Farm is a historical, educational homestead
specializing in organic agriculture, domestic livestock,
nature studies, homestead arts & seasonal festivals.

As an Event Coordinator, I have organized, supervised
& assisted in implementing successful Special Events,
Fund Raising & Community Beautification Projects.

With the skills & experience I have gathered over many years,
It is my passion & pleasure to continue offering
~ Life Enhancing Workshops & Lectures ~
For people of all ages & ability ~ For groups & individuals alike
~ Specializing in~
Earth Friendly Gardening ~ Herbal Crafting
Nature Appreciation & Spiritual Ecology.


My mission is
To Help Others Discover & Appreciate
The Peace, Happiness & Well Being
Found by Living in Harmony with Nature’.

~ Tread Gently ~ Be Thankful ~ Always Give Back ~

Make me strong in Spirit,
Courageous in Action,
Gentle of Heart.

Let Me Act in Wisdom,
Conquer My Fear & Doubt
Discover My Own Hidden Gifts.

Meet Others with Compassion
Be a Source of Healing
And Face Each Day
With Hope & Joy.

~ Abby Willowroot ~

I once had a Sparrow alight upon my shoulder, but for a moment while hoeing in a village garden.
I felt that I was more distinguished by that
one circumstance
Than I could have been by any epaulet I could have worn

Henry David Thoreau