Wild Violets have many
secrets to share!
Put recycled & abundant
natural  materials to good
use in the garden.

It would be more than appropriate at this time in our history,
That we as people, really
do ~  Stop and Smell the Roses!
The Power of the Rose delivers to us ~ Comfort, Serenity & Love.
As we inhale the sweet gift of her fragrance,
Under the light & warmth of our Great Sun,
We are grateful for the many blessings we receive.
May we grace the Earth with honor & reverence.

Respect for Mother Nature encourages us to
Evaluate how our daily lives create an Environmental Footprint.
With Ecological Awareness, we can make conscious decisions on how to walk lightly
on the Good Earth & to share all positive intentions & ideas with others.

Tread Gently ~ Be Grateful ~ Always Give Back
Extend the Growing
Season with Cold Frame
Happy Faces of Spring!
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